Alternatives to having a New York Office

officeNew York offices can be quite pricey because of the location that they are in. You will be paying a higher premium because of the demand in the city. A good alternative to this is to move you office to other cities that may be cheaper. You may be thinking that you will lose business but that is not necessarily the case. A good alternative is an office in Philadelphia where there is a burgeoning tech scene and you can still be in proximity to New York. The following are some pros to why you should consider an alternative to a New York office.

Cheaper Rent each Month!
New York has a population of over 8 million, as a result of this the rent prices for an office is going to be a lot more than a smaller city. If you move to a place such as Philadelphia, where the population is just a mere 1.5 million, you can be sure to find an office that is cheaper. The rent is going to be cheaper as a result of the population, the lower the population the less of a demand there will.

A Larger Office?
If you move to a smaller city like Indianapolis to open your office you may find that you will be able to get more square foot for your money. If you are going to have an office in a large city you may only see small ones available on the market at all times. Offices will be very much like apartments and houses in a big city, built smaller to have a larger amount available to all of the population. If you were to move even a few miles out of a city you would also get a larger office space to house your business in. A larger office allows room for growth and expansion without having to constantly move.

I still want to be in New York, what do I do?
So you still want to have an office in New York because you feel like it would be the right move for you. There is one thing you could do to solve this problem. This solution is to share an office. You could search the internet or contact people through the classifieds. More often than not individuals who are renting an office may have too much space or may want to cut down on costs. There may be some downsides to this decision though, your work could clash with theirs. If this is the case, you can organize with them to have a schedule on which you both agree.

Have you thought of having an Office on the go?
If your work doesn’t require an office, and if you think you will be out more than you will be in then you can have your office on the go. This means go to coffee shops, libraries or restaurants. For example if you are taking a coffee break you go in and use the free WiFi they may have for free.

The alternatives to having a New York office are totally up to you and what best suits your area of work. The best decision overall is to move to a cheaper city like Philadelphia and Indianapolis, if this doesn’t suit you remember there are other choices out there!

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