Benefits of using LED Lighting

LED LightingYou must have found LED Lighting in the United Kingdom, and why only UK, it is now used in most part of the world. LED or light emitting diodes are the modern method of lighting and they help you out for your green living efforts. Now, you must be thinking that what is green living? What are advantages that you would get using LED lighting and what has green living to do with it?

What is green living?

When you start living in a way that you can consciously reduce the usage of Earth’s natural resources for living and start living on your own, then you have started green living. It includes your diet, energy consumption, and also transportation. Thus, green living is not only associated with reduction in the amount of your bills, but also it shows that you care for the resources provided by nature. You would not only be saving your money but would also lessen United Kingdom’s demand of nuclear andpower fossil fuels.

How will using LED lights help you practice green living?

Now, you must be worrying that how can LED light help in green living? What are the similarities of LED light with green living. Let’s find out

  • LED lights are more efficient than the florescent lights. The fluorescent lights emit light in all directions while the LED light emits light in any specific direction. Thus, no energy is wasted in the light than the amount that is needed by you. Even the traditional bulbs wastes heat energy, but as LED light are cool you simply do not worry about this too.
  • LED lights are more durable and last longer. Those that are sued nowadays lasts for 11 years that means if you keep the light on continuously it would last for 11 continuous years. Thus, you would not have to waste your time replacing the bulbs. Moreover as they do not have any glass component, you do not have to worry about its breakage.
  • These lights help you reduce the electric bills too. By using these bulbs you would be using only one third of the energy that is consumed by the incandescent tubes or bulbs.
  • The size of the LED light are much smaller than the conventional bulbs, hence you can use it anywhere in the house, even in the smaller crannies and nooks.
  • In UK, a growing trend is to use LED light in the solar panel. This is because it uses less power. Thus, it helps you out here too.

Thus, if you go through the benefits, you would understand that why in UK, LED lighting is becoming popular. Although the cost of the LED light is a bit high, but if you get one now, you can be assured for 11 years to come. It’s not that they only conserve energy, but they also minimize the harmful waste. You would find that the regular light would add nuclear waste, sulfur di oxide, and carbon di oxide into the atmosphere whereas Low energy LEDS keeps carbon di oxide out of the environment.



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