Graffiti- It’s Effects And Solution

remove graffitiGraffiti includes all those paintings, advertisement and sometimes rubbish writings on public places and even on the walls of common people. This is not a new problem and this art has been continuing since ancient times. What we are to discuss in this article is the effect of all these on society and ways to remove graffiti.

Graffiti really diminishes the society value and marks the growth of vandalism in an area. There are many walls where you can find stick no bill but still within a few days it has been painted with rubbish. Graffities are written sometimes to criticise an act or promote some personal interest or to simply disturb others. Sometimes you can also see cars have been painted with rubbish when it was parked for sometime in an open area.

Neglecting this rubbish simply means neglecting the property on which all these are written. Moreover it also shows the society standard in an area. Neglecting these may also lead to increase in vandalism. For proper functioning of business society cleanliness and a peaceful environment is very essential. Moreover a neglected society represents slum and the beautification of area is destroyed. This attracts gang to function in those areas and society value is degraded to a greater extent. So if as a whole all the people of an area take steps to remove the rubbish and don’t encourage it further the society standard will rise. People can stay peacefully. Painting rubbish on places without owner’s consent is a serious offence and this can even lead to jail.

Now let’s discuss how we can remove such rubbish. Firstly a meeting can be called for all the local people and they can be ordered to paint the areas that have been painted with these graffities. Secondly the police should put some sign boards in the area to stop writing anything without owner’s consent. Cc TV cameras can be put up in public places to control these writings. Finally the common people in the area should discourage vandalism and gang activities in the area. For cleaning there are various sprays and paints available in the market. There are various agencies available who clean these paintings from public as well as private areas in lieu of some money. So common people should call these agencies to clean their properties or they can do it themselves with the help of some local painters.

Graffiti removal in Melbourne

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Graffiti removal is an important step towards beautification of an area as well as society. A clean and green society can only contribute to the development of the area.

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