Plan a holiday at Las Ventanas Del Mar

Las Ventanas del MarIf you are looking for a perfect holiday location to rinse your mind with serenity amidst mesmerizing sightseeing on the very lap of nature, Las Ventanas Del Mar in Costa Rica is the perfect place to rejuvenate your mind and body. Las Ventanas Del Mar is the doorway to the heavenly nature with war, gentle breeze and transparent tropical water touching the waves of Pacific Ocean. It is a perfect place to escape from modern day life to re-energize your body and refresh your mind. Here, the details of luxurious and beautiful resorts in the Cost Rican sea-shore are provided.

Las Ventanas Del Mar is basically a Costa Rica luxury rental. It is situated in the oasis of Playa Carrillo, coastline of Costa Rica containing twenty two luxury homes and condos. This paradise on earth is owned and managed by an esteemed family from Atlanta, Los Angeles. Here not only the captivating natural view is available, but first class accommodations and five star amenities are also provided by the management.

Here in the Las Ventanas Del Mar, the morning starts on the mountain top with a beautiful view of the coast line and natural barricades formed by rocks. And with the smells of fresh coffee beans you get the advent of breakfast containing healthy tropical fruits and mouth-watering pastries. Outside of the resort you feel the gentle, warm tropical breeze, sounds of humming birds roaming over the flowers and the whisper of monkeys howling in the distance. Swimming in the pool through the crystal clear water amidst the lush green outfield jungle, is an experience itself. In the evening, you can enjoy watching the sun setting out slowly into the blue Pacific Ocean making the surrounding darker and inviting the sea of stars to shine upon you. And in the night under the sea of stars and in the serenity, you can hear the sound of waves crashing on the rock barricade breaking the silence.

Five star facilities provided at Las Ventanas Del Mar

  • Nine thousands square foot pool and pool-side lounge.
  • Community gardens
  • Ground for outdoor activities
  • Fresh water lake with kayak for adventure and boating purposes
  • Outdoor barbeque
  • Outdoor entertainment facilities
  • Tennis court and tennis equipment with light for playing at night
  • Open air gym for your health

Services provided by the resort management

  • In room message services based on appointment
  • On site food and beverage services
  • Twenty four hour concierge services to help you manage with side tours and guest management
  • Twenty four hour laundry services
  • Maintenance and house cleaning services available twenty four hours on request
  • Twenty four hours grocery services on request
  • Twenty four hour security services

So, what are you thinking about? Discover the Costa Rica and enjoy world class holiday with your family and friends at Las Ventanas Del Mar.

Other than the above mentioned regular services you will get world class sport fishing, yoga, water rafting, diving, guided nature tours, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, volcano tours, bird watching, boat tours, helicopter tours to make your heart pound faster.

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