Pool Heat Pumps to keep your swimming pool hot, clean and fresh

Pool Heat PumpsIf you use the electric or gas heating pumps inside your private swimming pool then you can pay extra amount and you may not be able to get the ultimate warmth in your pool. Especially during the winter, it is very difficult to maintain the pool water in a perfect warm temperature and no ordinary heat pumps can work effectively. It is suggested to install the eco friendly pool heat pumps in your swimming pools and get the instant result.

What are the features and benefits of pool heat pumps?

If you decide to change your swimming pool heating pumps then you can install an eco friendly heat pump because it is more efficient and it provides ultimate comfort to you and your family.

  • The performance of this pool heat pumps are tasted in the harsh weather in Australia and it has been proved that it can perform at the extreme level.
  • The performance level of these pumps is around 6.0 at the temperature of 27 degree Celsius and 4.5 at the 15 degree Celsius temperature.
  • The powerful motor provides more heat and it saves more that eighty percent of the running cost.
  • This pump is noise resistant and if you run this pump in your private swimming pool then it can assure you that your neighbour cannot feel any disturbance because the maximum noise output of this pump is forty decibels.
  • The flexibility of these pumps is really helpful because you can easily install them at any place and anywhere.

How this pool pump works?

These pool pumps are manufactured by Japanese and European technology. The inner parts and heat exchanging tools of these pumps are designed by titanium and it is totally rust free and it can perform very fast.

These heat pumps are not run by gas or electric. The heat collector of the pump absorbs air from the adjacent and surrounded area. Then the air is transferred through the e channel to the compressor. The compressor creates pressure on the air and heat gets transplanted to the swimming pool. This is totally a reverse cycle process and it can provide six times better heating energy then an electric or gas pump. Apart from that, the commercial upgradation of this collection is also very effective because you can control the heating temperature with the digital controlling system, you can also control the water flows and the powerful capacitor of the compressor helps you to get the perfect heating in your pool.

Warrantee, terms and conditions:

The warrantee is provided by the company from the date of purchase. If the products are delivered in damaged conditions then it is replaced. But you have to maintain the operation guidelines of these heat pumps because if the pump is damaged because of mishandling then it is not covered up by the warrantee. Along with that, company does not take any responsibility for any kind of damage due to natural disaster, accident and any external cause. It is suggested to read the terms and conditions before placing your order and maintain the user instruction.

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