Restore your roof with the help of professionals

roof restorationsEverybody loves to give his/her house a new look. Painting a house can give it an attractive look and also help to make it look new. Do It Easy Painting Services is a renowned company that offers various trade services like house painting and roof restorations. High quality of trade services is provided by them. Standard workmanship and quality professionalism in all their services are maintained by them. Only best quality premium brands and products are used by them. They have a high experience in this field for many years.

Signs of roof deterioration

  • When mortar breaks down on roof ridges, then it is the time that your roof needs restoration.
  • When the roof, walls, mortar and tiles of your house are affected by moisture then it needs restoration.
  • Harsh sun damages the tiles of the roof and makes it brittle and cracked. Then your house needs to be repainted and restored.
  • When your roof gutters are filled with the debris and leaves of overhanging trees then you must hire a restoration company.
  • When mould eats into paint, then your roof needs repainting.

Roof Restoration and painting

The life span of your house or building can be protected with the help of roof restoration. The value of your property will automatically increase due to the quality work done by Do It Easy Painting Services. You have to invest in roof restoration only once to get a peace of mind for the upcoming years. The great workmanship and the products they use make Do It Easy Painting Services a reliable trade business. Commercial roofs, body corporate roofs, multi complex roofs, house roofs and tin and tiled roofs are prepared and repainted by the team of painters of this company.

Hot water pressure cleaning

Chemical free hot water pressure cleaning is used by the professional team of Do It Easy Painting Services before preparation and painting. All dirt, pollution, mildew, mould, dust, lichens, flaky and loose paint and other surface contaminants can be removed by this hot water pressure cleaning. The adhesion of the coating systems is affected by these pollutants. Then the professionals allow these areas to dry. The preparation includes sealing rust and corrosion, re-painting roof ridges and replacing cracked tiles.


A three or four coat painting system is applied by the painters of Do It Easy Painting Services. The age and condition of the roofs are factors while applying the paint coating. These conditions are discussed by them with the clients in the inspection report.

  • The rusty surfaces are treated with a mixture of Sealant Penetrol coat and a rust proof primer.
  • The surface of the roof is sealed by undercoating.
  • The durable ultra premium roof painting is used for topcoat.
  • The before and after photos of your roof will be sent to you after the completion.
  • A tailored copy of Your Passport to Roof Maintenance booklet will also be received by the clients.

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