Short term rentals in NYC

5 reasons why you should consider it


Without doubt the best from of accommodation in New York for tourist and visitors is short term rentals nyc. New York is a beautiful city, with all the tall buildings, streets lights, monuments, museums and amazing street networks. If you’re going to the big apple – as it is sometimes called – for vacation or any other reasons, you will definitely need to lay your head somewhere. The most preferred accommodation for people would probably be the hotels, with all the luxury and glamour; but we all know all of that don’t come cheap as many people can’t afford it. This is why many visitors and tourists now prefer to go for short term rentals nyc. If you’re questioning why you should consider this option, here are 5 points to help give you answers.

You save plenty of money

Short term apartment rental in New York is cheap, compared to hotels that cost so much money to rent. This is the most exciting part of your trip or vacation as you’ll get to save plenty of money to do so many other things like buying souvenirs and fashion accessories. With daily rates ranging from $135 – $450 you can stay for up to 4 – 5 days in an apartment of 3 bedrooms. Apart from saving money on rent you will also get to save so much money on catering since you’ll be doing your own cooking by yourself, and not rely on expensive catering services.

A chance to experience local lifestyle

Most hotels are located in areas far away from local populations so you’re most likely never going to have access to local new Yorkers first hand; that’s not the case with short term apartments. In the apartments you’ll get to live with the local people and experience there lifestyle to the fullest. New Yorkers are friendly, stylish and homely; this is even one of the main reasons why a lot of people always want to visit. If you didn’t mix with the people then it’s as good as you never came at all.

Reliable security

Just as in the big luxurious hotels, short term apartments provide adequate security for life and properties to ensure that guests are safe. This is different from the general security provided by the state and local governments in form of police patrol and neighborhood watch. Go ahead and enjoy your stay; there is no need to be afraid of theft or burglary even when the whole family is away for vacation activities.

You can book ahead of time

This is probably one of the best things about short term rental nyc. You don’t need to wait until you get there before you start making all the necessary arrangements and conclusions. You can search for apartments online and make your bookings far ahead of time. Booking ahead will also ensure that you get the best choices that will be comfortable for both you and your family.

Fully furnished?

Of course yes. Most apartments in New York are fully furnished with all the things you’ll need carefully arranged for your consumption. From the kitchen to the living room and the bathroom, you can be assured that your short term rentals nyc will deliver a feeling of home away from home.