Sydney Painting is simply the best

Sydney PaintingA decorating, surfacing and commercial painting service all over Sydney, Sydney Painting and Decorating is a proactive contractor with over 10 years of services in the industry. Every job is treated with immaculate detail to attain the best reliability, proficiency and quality.

Safety is taken seriously. Workers are licensed and insured for security and safety of the clients and public too. There is a 7-year guarantee period for defaults in workmanship or the materials being used. So, if it’s a complete restoration, a trendy new appearance or a new building project, the property is taken to extraordinary levels.

A great range of professional services are offered, which includes:

Decorating – A lot of core areas are painted by a thick solid colour design.  For standard decorating work, this scheme of painting is conventionally the normal kind of coating. The following techniques are included such as colour blending, bagging, ragging, French wash, colour wash, dragging and combing, glazes or rag rolling coating.

French Wash – This type generates a faint appearance of broken colour with a delicate marble type coating. It can provide a double toned colour marble type finish. The walls look wonderful with a timeless and elegant effect.

Graffiti Removal – Appropriate in regions for instance communal areas, car parks, shopping centres and subways. Special paint schemes are used in defence of graffiti. Anti-graffiti finishing have a resistance to frequent solvent cleaning, washing and steam cleaning.

Graining – It’s a replication of the patterns with distinct features of particular woods. It is realized with manipulating see through glazes over solid painted ground colours. Each kind of wood being replicated differs in colour accordingly.

Marbling – This is an art of artificial marble which reminiscences the ancient Greeks. As a result of selecting the appropriate accuracy and materials, an actual granite or marble like appearance and marbling effect is provided.

Sponge Paint – A wall is given a stylish marble appearance when sponge painted. Its effect can be bold and heavily decorative, depending on the method used. It could even be cloud like and soft.

Stencilling – Once a stencil is created, its design is accurately and quickly replicated on an endless number of instances. Stencils are applicable to every surface, furniture, fabrics, walls, woodwork, ceilings and friezes. Various types of stencils exists viz wipe out stencil, multi-coloured stencil, tieless stencil, lace curtain stencil, all over stencil, positive and negative stencil.

Texture Coating – For restoring, decorating, protecting the exterior and interior building, this is highly advised. For all types of private, commercial and industrial structures, it’s willingly accepted since it has a low protection coating.

Wallpaper Finishes – Painting is easier than wallpaper. However, it last longer than paint does. Under normal conditions wallpapering could last as much as five times longer than paint. Wallpaper carries into a room an artistic value that is unmatched. Beauty, warmth and character are relevant. Several effects that are not possibly imitated with paint are possible by wallpaper.

This dedicated team of painters with the essential equipments, tools, skills and knowledge provide excellent painting work throughout Sydney.


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