What is the best backup sump pump of 2017 ?

Floods have become a common issue mostly for the people who live in low lying areas. The basement of a house is generally flooded because of unseasonal storms, flash floods and hurricanes. Floods are also a regular problem due to torrential rain. The safety of the affected house is maintained by a sump pump in such poor weather conditions. Unnecessary water can accumulate in the basement and cause flood due to overflowing water machine or bursting of pipes. You can have the solutions to these problems by investing on a backup sump pump. You can use any sump pump just for any water related problem. But for personal sump pit problem, you need to have a special set of sump pump.

Here is a list of some of the best backup sump pumps:

  1. Wayne CDU980E HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump
  2. Wayne CDU800 ½ HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump
  3. Superior Pump Submersible Utility Pump

Wayne CDU980E HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch

Wayne CDU980EIt is one of the best high quality sump pumps available in the market which can be relied on. It is a compatible sump pump because of its proficient and small design of the switch. A slight discharge rise in width is equally balanced by its thick motor and large float. It can be handled easily due to its stainless steel handle. It also comes with a 1-1/2” NPT discharge. Water cannot overflow or leak out of the pump as it is sealed in an air tight manner. A 2 HP motor with a maximum flow rate of 4600 gallons per hour is ensured by this sump pump.

Wayne CDU800 ½ HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch

WAYNE CDU800It is one of the most popular sump pumps which are available in the market. The framework of this sump pump is formed by its thermoplastic top cover, cast iron pump housing and cast iron base. It also comes with a vertical float switch which has been guarded by steel. This sump pump can easily be installed by you. It does not produce any disturbing noise when turned on. It has a reliable and positive float. Water can be removed quicker than other sump pumps.

Superior Pump ¼ – Horse Power – Thermoplastic – Submersible Utility Pump

Superior PumpIt is an energy efficient sump pump which lasts long. It comes with a strong and powerful motor. This sump pump is mostly used for commercial purposes. This sump pump can be used to remove water from fountains, pools and flooded basements. Around 30 gallons of water can be pumped out by this sump pump in one minute. The necessary power is supplied by its thermally guarded and heavy duty motor. It is a submersible sump pump with thermoplastic durable structure. It is also a non-corrosive sump pump which can be used continuously for any tough work. You can install this sump pump anywhere as it features a sleek compact design.  Nonstop pumping of water from the bottom of the pump is allowed by its anti-clog suction feature.

Thus, choose any of the sump pumps from the above list in order to have a flood free and dry basement.

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